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After legal merge of a specific Nokia & Alcatel-Lucent entity, you will be able to find the merged entity under one specific company code. It can either be the former Nokia or the former Alcatel-Lucent company code, no matter if two different company codes exist.
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Legal Address (invoices must be submitted to addresses listed in Invoice Sending Methods section):
Nokia Solutions and Networks Oy
Karakaari 7
VAT IDs: ATU62936906, BE0885200125, CHE-113.517.425 MWST, DE251416974, DK12320817, EE101254153, ESN0321635E, FI20584306, FR42494641616, GB894455477, HU26960894, IE9578035A, IT00118659994, LU23245374, LV90010170759, M9-0356191-N, MT19150213, NL817330495B01, NO990379955MVA, PT980407702, SE502064386101, SI46996559

Invoice Requirements

E-invoice as mandatory requirement
As of 01.07.2012 the company moved fully to electronic invoicing. It is mandatory to submit invoices electronically using one of the three solutions offered by the company. More information about these solutions can be found from Electronic Invoices under Invoice Sending Methods. Paper and PDF invoices are not accepted anymore.
Country requirements Finland
The legislation in Finland concerning invoices is fulfilling all requirements set by EU directive 2010/45/EU related to E-invoicing. Electronic invoices represent the same legal value as paper or PDF invoices.
Invoice content requirements
On this link you can find the invoice content requirements.

Please note our newly implemented “No Purchasing without Purchase Order (PO)” Policy.
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“No Purchasing without Purchase Order (PO)” Policy defines that all employees must send a formal PO to you as our supplier when purchasing goods or services. Please read more details from this Link.

Invoice Sending Methods

Invoicing 8-digits PO-s
Invoicing instructions for Purchase Orders consisting of
8 digits (3xxxxxxx, 4xxxxxxx or 9xxxxxxx. Prefix could start with 2 zero in certain cases, eg. 009xxxxxxx) .
In case of any doubts, please review the instructions on your PO. PO’s that cannot be clasiffied as 8 or 10 digit, should follow the sending methods listed in this chapter.
Invoicing 10-digits PO-s
Invoicing instructions for Purchase Orders consisting of
10 digits (39xxxxxxxx, 4200xxxxxx, 4501xxxxxx, 454xxxxxxx, 501xxxxxxx, 502xxxxxxx, 74xxxxxxxx, 82xxxxxxxx or 85xxxxxxxx) .
In case of any doubts, please review the instructions on your PO.
Invoicing orders and contracts received through Ariba Network
Purchase Orders consisting of 10 digits (9xxxxxxxxx) , Contracts (BPOxxx or Cxxx) and Invoices will be exchanged over SAP Ariba Network.
All invoices received outside SAP Ariba Network will be rejected.

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